Tuesday, December 21, 2010



When we see dates represnted like this, now a days (atleast after 9/11) our mind first thinks what is the worst that happened on this day.

In the last ten years so, along with many other things good things happened in the world, few worsts (wish there were only few!) also happened. 9/11(New York Twin Towers attack), 26/11 (Bombay blasts), 7/7 (London blasts), 26/12 (Tsunami) and earlier this year 13/2 (Pune blasts) - think of the damage to the lives, society, anger, scare, worries and the new risks these events have created, mind boggling!!. But all these have given us new learnings, which the world is practicing to avoid future incidents like these.

You may think, what is this 22/12? - It is my costly holiday ever!

I am writing here about my personal worst which happened on 22-Dec-2007 during our holiday in India (used to live in UK those days). My family (me, my wife, my 7 year old son and 8 months old daugther) decided to spend our Christmas and New Year in India with family and friends.

I have taken my wife to a Doctor for an consultation for herina (consulted few Doc in UK prior to the holiday and the recommendation was to do a surgery and it not an urgency), the Doctor whom we met also said the same thing (surgery), but only thing he said was “get it done the next day” and we could go back to UK as planned. We were sort of “mesmerised” by the sweet talk, did not think too much and trusted him so mcuh, got the surgery done next day and some complications post surgery and she passed away on 22-Dec-2007 leaving behind the children and me – isn’t a very costly holiday (mistake)? (The details on how the things unfolded can be read by an internet search on my name)

Keeping the story short, like the world worsts gave learning; there were quite a few learning from my 22/12; I keep advising many others about the hard learning we had; thought I can give my point of view when it comes to health

a) Do not get carried away by advertisement / TV shows / big buildings

b) Please do not rush

c) Do your own due diligence, particularly when things are not an emergency

d) Try and understand the medical terms, do research prior (use internet well)

e) Please ask questions, at every stage.

f) Don’t say “I can spend anything”

g) Know patient rights

h) Have second, third opinions before taking any critical decisions

Above all, lead a healthy life – and my new principle is “Don’t meet a Doctor, if you want meet, do so as a friend or relative” for that lead a healthy life. Frankly I have few Doctors whom I met as a patient but having good relatiionship as friend – things are not that bad everywhere, but we need to be careful.

Thanks for reading, and finally I wish we get to see more of 25/12s (Jesus Christ birthday) and 2/10s (Mahatma Gandhi's birthday) to the world and not those of 9/11 types.