Saturday, June 26, 2010

Spill Art !

Recently my three year old daughter spilled milk from the mug, usual hue and cry…

When I looked t the spill, it is like a 4 legged animal (dog?) with a thin neck and a short tail.... sharing this to the bloggers.

Instead of screaming at her, I said to her good art and told her to be careful; she also looked at sometime and ejoyed her art. (She spilled milk again next day - but no art)

looking things at different angle gave me bit of positive energy to deal with this simple situation.
what's your view

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Correct is wrong?

Of late, I keep asking this question to myself “is Correct is wrong?”.

These questions come to me from few day to day activities. Let me quote few examples;- in our office campus, we have a long driveway from the main road to the campus and the speed limit set is 20Km/h in the driveway and parking lots. I normally maintian the speed limit; but I found many overtake me, some get irritated and honk and few even make gestures for my “wrong doing” of driving slow. Me driving slow (on the speed limit), make others to overtake, which is increasing risks to other drivers / road users (for which I am feeling bad), and so is my correct is wrong?

Very recently; I landed in Mumbai airport and went to queue “free phone counter” for taxi booking. There was only person on the phone; I was just giving some private space for him and wating for my turn for the phone. As soon the person kept the phone, a young educated lady barged in and picked up the phone for taxi booking. Here again, me patiently waiting for my turn and also giving private space for the other caller is wrong? – Correct is wrong!

There are many small instances, which I think it is correct, but others think it is not or not very appropirate. Do you also face these kinds of conflicts? What do you think?