Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Technology overdose?

Many of us have seen so much of technology transformation in our life, even in the short span of 10-20 years time frame.

Take an example of telecommuncation in India which as made now Geography as History”, gone are the days where one has to wait in queue for 5-6 years for a landline connection, now you have service providers in queue at your door steps in 5-6 minutes.

Last weekend, I was in staying in outskirts of Thane (near Mumbai) for a team event, the place where we stayed has no mobile phone signal. I was cut off without phone and internet from Friday night to Saturday evening; felt competely restless without wirless connection. I and my colleague managed to find some spots in the resort where there was atleast 10% intermitent signal to send SMS (we have named them as SMS spots). Btw, it is rare to find a holiday spot without wirless connection – must be an USP for that resort!.

I am thinking, are we over using (over dependant) on technology than required?; let us talk about few instances, let me start with me

1. When I moved to Chennai two and half years ago, was settling down in a house; things were scattered all over, my son’s laptop came in handy as a mirror to shave (too expensive for a mirror and not for the right use, isn’t it?)

2. Few years ago (non mobile phone days), if you had to pickup someone at the train station, there must a standard landmark to wait, like “book stall”, “tea shop on platform10” and so on. I am sure you would have picked the person without any hassle. Now with mobile phones, you atleast make some five calls, before you trace the person. Technology made us efficient?

3. How many times you have gone to the store and then called your partner (or someone at home) to send you txt msg on what to buy, where did the small chit of paper with grocer list go?

Can you discuss your examples of technology overdose?