Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Results by motivation – “I am an Energy Star”

Results by motivation –
“I am an Energy Star”

Show me Results!  --  this is something we want anywhere;  at home, work, utility services; government, students, schools, movies, sports…

How do get the desired results – carrot or stick? Both? Neither?  Luck?

Let me narrate one motivation strategy I used at my home.

We have three children at home; one of the constant dialogue I hear at home is “hey, whoever has switched on the light/fan;  switch it off”   -- the response from children is generally; “it’s not me” .     I have heard these noises many many times.  I was telling my children and wife;  “who” is not very important;  anyone can put off lights / fans / TV when not in use;  these lectures did not work.
I have put a simple motivation strategy;  devised a scoring card called “I am an Energy Star”.  This is pasted in the living room, side of the refrigerator;  the rule is anyone who switches off any energy device which is ON unnecessarily; will get one star.   More the stars, more the points and children would get a gift.  Believe me, it clicked instantly, and there is a competition to switch  OFF devices to gain stars  -- sometimes it works too much; even the necessary lights are put OFF.   

Let us switch to organization scenario,  as Leaders how are we working with our team to achieve results – by motivation techniques?  Or stick (if you don’t do this, then… ) approach.  Recollect few instances of the approaches you have practice recently with your colleagues and analyze which has given sustained results. It will be great if you can share your views and some examples of this.

Btw, I was sharing this “I am an Energy Star” example with two of my colleagues recently;  they implemented at home and it worked for them!


  1. Simple but great technique !! Good work Durai

  2. Good initiation ! // there is a competition to switch OFF devices to gain stars -- sometimes it works too much; even the necessary lights are put OFF. // :)

  3. wow.. Durai you continue to innovate, and find new ways to do a very regular activity in an exciting way, thanks for sharing this Sir - Vijay.

  4. Simple concepts with profound impacts - something to reflect upon. Durai, thanks for sharing your experiential learnings.

  5. What a lovely technique !!Good to see you bk to blogging after long !!

  6. Great post uncle! I had a mathematics teacher who used to give us stars for a good assignment and end of the year anybody with the most number of stars would win something. :)

  7. Its really a good way to own responsibility which gives all of us a healthy environment...