Sunday, May 26, 2013

Smiles on many faces during my children birthday anniversary this week

This week we had series of birthday anniversaries at our home; my elder daugther's birthday on 23rd May,  my son's on 24th May and my wife's on 26th May.

My children celebrated their brithday anniversaries little differently,  thanks to their mother for the idea and the efforts.

On my daughter's birthday;  she went and distrubuted food, water and sweets to needy / beggars in the area we live in; we drove around the localilty and distributed fresh home cooked food for about 15 people.

On my son's birthday;  he went around the area and distributed new clothes  to about 10 needy and beggars.   I think those people would have got an opportunity to wear new clothes may be first time in their life.

Both my son and daugther have felt really satisfied they way they celebrated their birthday anniversaries.

In normal course it would have been some cake, gifts and party; and smiles only on the children;  this celeberation has created smiles on others.



  1. Durai i truly feel that this celebration would be cherished by your kids forever as the smile on others face would have lit a thousand candles within them

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